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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"The Love Dare"

Hello out there!

Most of us set resolutions at the end of each year in hopes that each new year will be filled with all that we feel we could have and should have accomplished the previous year. For me, this year was without exception...but I vowed it would be different. I didn't set too many specific resolutions, I didn't write them down or list them to anyone who would listen. Instead I set them in my heart. Today, I reveal only one of my resolutions...self improvement. I really wasn't aware of how much improvement I would actually need until recent days...who would have thought?

I think that with hard economic times comes a ton of problems that we aren't always emotionaly prepared for. Over the past six weeks (or so), things on the home front haven't been completely kosher. As a result, my loving husband suggested we look into a book by the name of "The Love Dare". Now I love to read (unlike my husband) and in lieu of an insane asylum or divorce court, I decided it was time to begin working on the self-improvement portion of my resolutions.

So here I (we) are, about to embark to the ship of progress. Over the next 40 days we will be participating in a number of activities that are meant to improve our life and, most importantly, our marriage. We will be attending a seminar called "Laugh your way to a better marriage" and this month we begin "The Great Date Experiment".

Please, if you're reading this...pray for me, I know my flaw filled self!!!! I will need Jesus through this journey, LOL! I plan on reporting the results of this 40 day experience and hope that if anyone is in my same boat...well, you know you're not alone!

I HATE editing my thoughts so if there are any miss spellings, words eaten, or offensive remarks made...don't take it personal.

Turning over a new leaf,



  1. Have you watched the movie???
    I have read most of the book so I think you will find it a good read but challenging...
    I look forward to reading your updates and praying for you both..

  2. My hubby and I just saw the movie last night and i thought it was great! When were done with this book I am definately going to look for the others. Thanks for your prayers...this isn't so easy! :-)